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The Shelter Sponsorship Project

Transforming Rooms, Transforming Lives

The Circle shelter is a safe, confidential home for victims of domestic violence …. a space where next steps can be taken. The Shelter is free to victims of domestic violence.

When women come to Circle’s shelter they find a safe, vibrant, supportive place to start the healing process. When they entered the shelter they see a large, clean, sun-filled room where young children are welcome to play. Turning a corner, they see a neatly arranged, clean kitchen, and a large kitchen table. They have a room of their own and an immaculate bathroom down the hall. They have access to a shared computer room, a library, and a small, comfortable living room.

This clean, orderly, safe space says to them, you are respected here. This is a space where you have an opportunity, a chance, to figure out what to do next.

Coming to the shelter is not an easy decision to make, and it is only the beginning of many of the challenges residents will face. But what many find is a place where they live in a supportive environment, where each day without violence and each decision made is a step forward, more strength gained.

The Transforming Rooms, Transforming Lives project offers you, as a donor, many opportunities to contribute to domestic violence victims’ lives in very concrete ways to contribute to the story of support and caring. Any sponsorship funds you provide will go directly to our emergency shelter and help offset expenses for programming, utilities, and services that are provided to each and every resident, at no cost to them.

Your contribution will make a strong statement to the community and to our residents that you are committed to supporting families that have experienced domestic violence, that you believe in rebuilding lives.

Please consider sponsoring a room or providing financial support. Contact us at our toll-free hotline 1 877-543-9498. 

Household Supplies


Maintenance & Repairs


Building & Liability Insurances
$7,000 per year


Utilities (Water, Sewer, Electricity, Propane)
$10,000 per year

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