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When we tell our stories of abuse, resistance, and healing, people in our communities come to understand domestic violence more deeply and are more able to stand up for survivors. You or someone you love may share a story on our website blog, in an interview, in person at a Circle event, or anonymously. We invite you to find your story, and we are here to help you share it.

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Susanna’s Story

My name is Susanna. I spent three years in a terrifyingly violent and emotionally abusive relationship. There was not a day that went by that I was not beaten, threatened, and emotionally battered. Towards the end, he even began beating me while I was holding our one-year-old daughter. We lived an isolated, controlled, and rigid life. My daughter was hardly ever allowed out of her crib. Although I did not have a plan to leave, I saw an opportunity to get myself and my daughter out safely, and I took it. We stayed in a local shelter in my hometown for a couple nights until a spot opened up far enough away so that we would be safe.

Once we got settled, the warmth and safety of the shelter house allowed my daughter to eventually become a delightful, happy, precocious, inquisitive toddler with a beautiful sense of curiosity and self. Being here has given me a sense of freedom that I was not sure I would ever again attain, and the chance to rebuild a happy, healthy life for myself and my daughter. This peaceful, supportive environment has given me the gift of time to heal, to grow, to rebuild. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities the Circle staff has given me, and most importantly, the bonds we have created with each other.